My personal collection of thoughts.

A little bit about me

Who am I?

I’m a Polish game programming graduate, currently on an Honours year, exploring concepts of Affective Gaming. I am currently living in Scotland and learning all the fun swears. I advocate for open-source software, respect for privacy and reducing our digital fingerprint. I develop applications mainly in C++ and C# and have some experience with Unity, Unreal Engine and Godot.

My current goals

My main goal right now is to research, design and develop an application to test how audio-visual content in video games can be used to manipulate player emotions and actions. I also do my best to practice using Linux in my free time.

The nearest future

I plan to complete as many courses related to my interests as possible. I believe we never stop evolving and we never stop learning and I try to expand my knowledge whenever I can. Next courses on my to-do list are the open source CS courses by ForrestKnight.